Understanding Custom Posts

Transform your feed into a personalized experience by creating Custom Posts. With this feature, available exclusively on our Business Plan or higher, you can tailor your content to fit your unique brand. Creating a Custom Post is pretty straightforward. Below you'll find a detailed definition of each field to help you create the Custom Post for your feed.

Name - The name of your Custom Post. This won't be visible in public, this is just or your reference and help you manage your Feed.

Feed - The Feed you want to add your Custom Post to.

Status - Can be turned ON (when green) or turned OFF (when it's grayed out). Turning ON the Custom Post will make it visible in your selected Feed, while turning it OFF will hide it.

Initial position - The position you wish to have your Custom Post positioned within your Feed. For example, if you set the initial position to 1, your Custom Post will appear at the top of your Feed, while a position of 10 will place it further down the Feed. Please note that you can't have 2 Custom Posts with the same position on the same Feed.

Repeats - You may turn this on and define how many times or how often you want your Custom Post to appear in your Feed.

On post click - Choose whether clicking the Custom Post should "Do nothing" or "Go to a specific URL". If you select the latter, please ensure that you enter the complete URL, including the "http://" or "https://" prefix. For example, "http://website.com/".

Image - Upload an image file or design an image on Canva for your post. Please note that at this time, we only support uploading a single image per post and do not support multiple images or carousel images. Additionally, the maximum upload file size for image is 2MB. If you wish to replace an image that has already been uploaded, you can simply upload a new image to replace the old one.

Video - Upload a video file for your Custom Post. Please note that we only support mp4 files with a maximum size of 2MB. Also, uploading a video doesn't generate its own thumbnail. If you want an image to appear with your post, you'll need to upload the image for it (on the Image field, just above this field).

Network icon - Select the network icon for your Custom Post.

Heading - Enter your header here for your Custom Post.

Content - Compose your content for your Custom Post.

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