Using rules in Curator

The curator moderation filters are one of the most powerful features in our platform. Here are a few tips on how to use them!

Fields and Function Definitions

Name — The preferred name you'd like to call the Rule you're setting up.

Feed — The feed you want the Rule to be applied on.

Source — The Source you want the Rule to filter out.


  • Approve — Approves the post
  • Reject — Rejects the post 
  • Trash — Deletes the post (Irreversible)

Post attribute types:

  • Text — Captures the defined text on a post's caption
  • Has Image — Detects whether a post contains an image
  • Has video — Detects whether a post contains a video
  • Username — Captures the @username of a post 
  • Post Full Name — Captures the full name (whenever available) of a post
  • Is reply — Detects for a reply-type posts (E.g. reply to a  Tweet)
  • Is repost — Detects for a retweet or repost

Profanity — Captures sensitive and obscene language.

Post Limit — Limits the number of posts a source can post per day.

Similar Posts — Detects similar or duplicate posts.

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