What can Curator.io curate?

Below is a list of the current networks and sources Curator can find and pull posts from.

We often create custom sources for clients so if something is not on the list, please get in contact and we'll see what we can do.


  1. Hashtag
  2. User Account

📌  Limitations:

  • Can only pull up to 20 posts (latest to old)


  1. Facebook Page
  2. Facebook Page Mention
  3. Facebook Page Visitor Posts

📌  Limitations:

  • Page Mention Source - can only pull up to 20 posts (latest to old)
  • Page Mention Source - unable to pull mention posts coming from a user or personal fb account
  • Visitor Posts Source - not available for the Facebook Pages that's been converted or uses the "New Pages Experience"


  1. Hashtag
  2. Private Account
  3. Business Account
  4. Mentions 
  5. Stories 
  6. Tagged / Collab Posts

📌  Limitations:

  • All Sources - can only get up to 20 - 25 posts per pull/refresh
  • All Sources -  If a post contains copyrighted material or has been flagged for a copyright violation, then Curator won't be able to pull it.
  • Tagged / Collab Posts Source - doesn't pull tagged Stories
  • Hashtag Source - when first time added as a source, and If Most Recent is selected, it only pulls post(s) published within 24 hours of adding the source. Reference.
  • Stories Source - when first time added as a source, it only pulls posts that are still available from the time you added the source. Also, reshared stories and live video stories aren't supported. 
  • Instagram Carousel Posts - unfortunately, video(s) on an Instagram Carousel Post aren't currently supported. So if a carousel post contains a video, the video is automatically ignored and hidden when pulled into your Feed. As an altenative, you can try embedding the carousel post into your Feed.


  1. Flickr Hashtag
  2. Flickr User
  3. Flickr Album

📌  Limitations:

  • Hashtag Source - pulls at around 20 latest photos when you first set it up. 
  • Album Source - the photos are pulled in the order they appear in your Flickr album. This means that Curator is pulling based on the arrangement of the photos in your album (from top to bottom). So if the new uploaded photos are sitting at the very bottom in your album, then those photos won't be picked up on your Source's next refresh.


  1. YouTube Hashtag
  2. YouTube Channel
  3. Youtube Playlist

📌  Limitation:

  • Hashtag Source -  may pull irrelevant videos that don't associate to the entered hashtag. It's an issue on Youtube's end. 
  • Doesn't support auto-play.

Yelp - Business Reviews

📌  Limitation:

  • Only pulls up to three review excerpts for a given business ordered by Yelp's default sort order. 

- Company Page 

📌  Limitations:

  • Can only pull Company Pages or /company links. University page and other type of LinkedIn page aren't supported at this stage.
  • The Source may take a long time to scrape at times.
  • In rare cases, the Source may pull a post with broken video or image. We're still looking for a workaround for this. 


  1. Tumblr Hashtag
  2. Tumblr User


  1. Reddit Subreddit Feed
  2. Reddit User Feed

Glassdoor  - Employer Reviews

📌  Limitation:

  • Glassdoor API is very limited at this time. It pulls 1 review the first time it is setup and then about 5 recent reviews at a time during it's next refresh. Curator simply returns the data that Glassdoor API provides us. 

TikTok - User Videos

📌  Limitation:

  • Doesn't support auto-playing of posts. 

And other popular networks:

  1. Slack Channel Feed
  2. RSS Feed
  3. Vimeo Tag
  4. DeviantArt User Gallery
  5. Behance Project
  6. Diffbot Crawlbot
  7. Giphy GIFs


Perhaps you want to curate TripAdvisor? Spotify?  If so, please let us know and we can build you a custom integration.

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